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Preparing for an HVAC job interview by video

Preparing for an HVAC job interview by video

over 3 years ago

Video Interview

Updated April 2023

Remote video interviews have become the norm for every industry this year, including HVAC, and there are a few things you’ll need to bear in mind when preparing for them.

Arrive on time
The usual job interview rules apply whether you’re meeting in person or online. Arrive in good time by making sure you have everything set up on your laptop or desktop, your video and microphone are working and any necessary software is installed. The last thing you or your potential employer want is to spend the first 10 minutes of precious interview time tackling technical issues. Here at Thornhvac we take time to run through the online procedures with candidates before their interview so they’re well prepared on the day.

Set the scene
One thing you don’t have to worry about with physical interviews is the setting. Take a look behind you to check what the interviewer will see in the background when they’re talking to you. You might even want to download a custom background for a more professional look. Remember to let other people in the house know that you’re not to be disturbed.

What to wear
We’ve all heard about candidates who have only focused on their top half, only to get up to fetch something during the interview and give away the fact that they’re still in their pyjama bottoms. One tip we always give to our HVAC job candidates is to dress as if they were meeting their interviewer(s) in person. Not only does it avoid the pyjama issue, it also makes you feel like you mean business.

We often advise candidates to smile when they’re taking part in a telephone interview because it makes such a difference to their tone and mood. The same definitely applies on video. In a face to face interview there are lots of body language tricks you can use to show interest and confidence. In virtual interviews, you’re limited to your facial expressions so pay extra attention to these.

Be Prepared
Along with a full job brief, we provide candidates with lots of information to help them prepare for HVAC job interviews, whether these are being conducted by video or not. This includes letting them know who will be conducting the interview and the types of questions they are likely to be asked. Our experience in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors means we understand what our clients will be looking for and we can help you convey your skills and experience in the best possible way. Read our interview tips for more information on how to prepare.

With a bit of thought and planning, a video interview doesn’t need to be daunting and being remote still gives you an opportunity to make a big impression.

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