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What is a Quality Engineer?

What is a Quality Engineer?

almost 3 years ago

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​A quality engineer is responsible for making sure products and processes meet and improve on required quality standards. They will be expected to develop and implement a plan to improve processes and adhere to quality control systems. Their role also involves monitoring activities within the industrial landscape and reporting shortfalls.

Day to day activities

Quality engineers are expected to monitor quality performance and suggest changes that will improve product quality. In order to do this, they will spend a good deal of time monitoring processes and developing an understanding of product specifications and quality expectations.

Accuracy, uniformity and compliance are key attributes of a quality engineer and they will typically work closely with other team members and departments to communicate what can be achieved and implement controls and improvements. Their job is to make sure that all workflows, processes, and products comply with regulations and industry standards.

The role will generally involve inspecting and testing everything from materials and equipment to processes and products to meet agreed specifications.


A quality engineer will usually have a master’s degree in engineering and extensive experience of quality assurance in an industrial setting.

Skills and attributes

Quality engineers will be expected to be excellent verbal and written communicators and to have strong mathematical skills. They will be highly proficient in IT systems.

Earning potential

The strong analytical and problem solving skills of a quality engineer mean that those working in this type of role often progress easily into managerial and executive roles.

Job satisfaction 

The job of a quality engineer is ideally suited to someone with an interest in compliance and who enjoys a role that demands great attention to detail.

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