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​Tailored Career Support for Senior Engineers in Manufacturing

​Tailored Career Support for Senior Engineers in Manufacturing

over 2 years ago

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Senior engineers in the manufacturing sector who are considering their next career move face unique challenges in the year ahead. The market is facing supply chain and skills shortages, unprecedented product demand and a need for growth. On the face of it, this is good news for experienced engineers who might be looking for a new opportunity.

In reality, the jobs market becomes more difficult to navigate at times like this and the companies who are luring candidates with the most attractive packages don’t always represent the most sustainable career move.

Rather than being tempted to jump for gold in a hot market, candidates with sought after experience in their field can sit back and consider what their ideal role would be. Which company do they admire most? Who would they really like to work for? Is there a field of engineering they would be keen to explore?

Once they have a clear vision of where they would like their career to go, they can begin to think about renumeration and selling themselves effectively to the right people.

As recruiters, this kind of market changes the way we operate too. With so many offers out there, we take a people first approach. This means not just listing jobs and inviting applications. It also means agreeing the criteria job seekers want for their next career move to meet, including who they want to work for and what they want to earn. This allows us to make a case for them when we are dealing with top employers in their chosen field. 

In our experience, really good people often under sell themselves. Our job is to provide guidance to candidates who are in this position and help them achieve their goals and full career potential.

If you are a senior engineer with manufacturing experience who is looking for a new career challenge, we can help you find your ideal role with the kind of company you really want to work with. This is a tailored service and includes free consultancy to make sure your CV and interview skills match the market you're aiming for.

In the first instance contact Stefany at Thornhvac to arrange an informal chat. Email or call 0113 416 6037

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