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What makes a really good HVAC employer?

What makes a really good HVAC employer?

about 2 years ago

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​As heating, ventilation and air conditioning companies innovate and expand to meet the changing demands of a climate conscious industry, what can they do to find the talent they need to achieve their growth goals? And what can candidates do to make sure they secure an offer from a company that will give them the kind of career they are looking for?

Thornhvac has been recruiting for the HVAC sector for more than 20 years and demand from manufacturers for good sales and engineering candidates has never been higher. However, the recruitment landscape is changing across every industry and HVAC is no different.  

Here are a few of the things candidates are telling us they want to see from their next employer 

Flexibility – This is not just about hybrid working, although a lot of candidates are attracted by the ability to work from home for at least part of the week. More importantly, people want to work for companies that are agile and forward-thinking. That is often reflected in their openness to hybrid working but there should be an ethos behind this that demonstrates trust and encourages autonomy.

Integrity – For many candidates, working for a company that has strong values is as important as, or more important than securing a role with a well-known brand name. Granted, this is a bit of a generalisation and the pull of a big player, plus the opportunities and experience such a role can offer is still strong. However, the culture of an organisation is something that candidates are looking at more closely.

Engagement -Employers should be prepared for the fact that their employees often want to make a difference. They like to feel that they are contributing ideas and being listened to. Companies that can communicate their willingness to engage with their staff and welcome new thoughts and opinions are likely to find it easier to attract good people and keep them.

This is how candidates can find an employer that matches their priorities 

We ask candidates to be completely open and honest with us from the start about the kind of career they want and the type of employer they’d like to work with.

Ask yourself why you want to move - Sometimes candidates have been working for a big brand and want to bring their skills to a smaller firm or scale up where they feel they could make a real impact. Or perhaps they want to try their hand at a slightly different market, such as renewables or heat pumps and are looking for a firm that has chosen to invest heavily in that area. It could be that they have risen through the ranks of a small firm and are ready to gain wider experience with a large HVAC manufacturer where there are opportunities to work on bigger projects.

Tell us what is important to you – If working from home matters to you, tell us. We know which employers have a positive approach to flexible work patterns and can help you find the right match. Similarly, if you want to work with a company that has strong net zero credentials, a robust anti-slavery policy or a commitment to charity and community engagement, let us know.

We understand that making the right career move is never simply about one thing. Salary, benefits, career progression and job description are part of the story but in today’s job market a candidate’s needs and reasons for moving can be diverse and multifactorial. Taking time to explore what you’re looking for and finding out what different companies can offer you will ensure your next move is your best yet.


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