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The top recruitment trends candidates need to know about

The top recruitment trends candidates need to know about

over 1 year ago

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As the battle heats up for top talent to support growth – particularly in our sector of building services, HVAC and engineering – we thought it would be useful to share some insights from the world of recruitment to help candidates secure their ideal job.

You are hot property

Talent is in short supply right now and candidates can, to a certain extent and depending on their field of expertise, take their pick from a number of excellent roles. Good recruiters work hard on behalf of their clients to find the right people to fill their vacancies. If they are smart (like us), they understand that a positive candidate experience goes a long way towards wooing the highest performers.

There is a mismatch, however, between how firms think they’re doing and what candidates actually perceive. In the UK as a whole, 80% of recruitment firms say they provide excellent candidate experience, whereas a third of job seekers have a poor impression of recruiters. Luckily for candidates who choose Thornhvac, our candidates like the way we work and arehappy to share their positive experiences.

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Covid is still having an impact on recruitment

Covid-19 was the biggest challenge for recruiters in 2021 and it is still having an impact on the way firms operate and hire. This impacts candidates in a number of ways. Firstly, more interviews are likely to be conducted online. You can read our article for tips on how to prepare for an online interview

Secondly, employers are far more open to flexible working than they were pre-pandemic, which means candidates can potentially look further afield for their ideal career move.

Consider a career shift

For the first time ever, reskilling workers is a top-five challenge for firms. You may have skills that have been developed in one industry that could command a higher salary in another sector. We are seeing the evolution of a talent-first landscape where your skills will become a key bargaining tool, even if your experience has been built up doing something quite different to the job you are applying for.

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