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Career goals: Being part of the decarbonised heating revolution

Career goals: Being part of the decarbonised heating revolution

almost 2 years ago

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Research shows that there is growing interest in jobs with purpose, particularly green careers which help to tackle the challenges of climate change. With the HVAC sector at the forefront of the drive towards decarbonisation, particularly when it comes to commercial heating, it is no surprise that it has become an attractive industry for both engineers and sales professionals.

The drive to decarbonise the commercial heating sector has already created new job opportunities in exciting areas of innovation such as hydrogen heating, air source heat pumps and biofuel – and the job growth show no signs of slowing down.

For sales engineers already working in HVAC and those from other industries who are keen to play a role in shaping the low carbon economy, this is a pivotal time to be exploring career options and future goals.

Finding solutions to heat decarbonisation challenges

One of the most rewarding things about being a sales engineer in commercial heating right now is that you are likely be involved in finding solutions to some big challenges. Take older buildings as an example. How can they be retrofitted and heated in a way that responds to the UK’s net zero targets whilst protecting the fabric and possibly also the heritage of the building? What heating options suit different properties and how feasible are the options that are currently available on the market? What investment is required and how quickly will it produce a return? Are air source heat pumps a viable option and how can premises that use oil for heating reduce their carbon footprint?

For salespeople developing their careers in commercial heating and renewables, or moving into the sector, the ability to listen, engage and develop solutions that will support the net zero ambitions of those who are responsible for heritage buildings has the potential to be hugely rewarding.

Being at the forefront of change

Heat decarbonisation involves many emerging technologies and the pace of change is rapid. It is an exciting frontier that will change the way we use energy in the future.Innovation in heat pump technology and the prospect of using hydrogen as an alternative to oil for heating buildings makes this a dynamic arena.

If you think you would enjoy being part of the net zero revolution, this is a good time to be investing time in developing your career in commercial heating.

What next?

As a specialist HVAC recruiter with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, many of our longstanding clients are influential in the field of decarbonised heat. There are some exciting roles coming up for ambitious sales engineers and sales managers. We are interested in hearing from candidates who are already working in sales and want to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. Check out our heating sales jobs and register for updates to be the first to hear about new roles. Have a look at our renewable energy sales jobs too

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