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What is an air conditioning design engineer (cooling)

What is an air conditioning design engineer (cooling)

almost 2 years ago

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Job description

An air conditioning design engineer develops cooling and ventilation systems for new and existing buildings. This is a highly technical role that will be data driven with a requirement to comply with health, safety and sustainability regulation and best practice. Design engineers in the cooling sector generally work for a consulting or design company or directly for an employer in the building services sector. Design engineers can also be involved in developing solutions that will improve air quality and enhance the environmental credentials or energy efficiency of an existing HVAC system.

Day-to-day activities

An air conditioning design engineer will liaise with contractors and M&E consultants at the design stage. They will utilise data, software and design specifications to create highly technical solutions.

In some settings they will play an instrumental role in the tender process for new projects and system specifications. They will also be involved in calculating costs and overseeing projects to completion, providing design variations and technical data to support decision making throughout the process.  

Design engineers will work closely with sales and project engineers and may also be responsible for managing a team. Other activities could include surveying and reporting on existing installations, and monitoring compliance.


Each employer will be looking for slightly different qualifications and experience depending on their priorities and markets. An HNC or a degree in either Mechanical or Building Services Engineering is usually a requirement.

Skills and attributes

Air conditioning design engineers will be expected to be confident in the use of the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. You will also have excellent communication, project management and time management skills. Air conditioning design engineers may have past experience as application engineers or technical managers and will usually be required to have experience in cooling and a sound understanding of ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Job satisfaction and career development 

Working as an air conditioning design engineer can offer some exciting opportunities, particularly with current developments in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), Cooling as a Service (CaaS) and Heat Recovery. The role can involve a diverse range of projects and a chance to be at the forefront of innovation. This is a fast moving and growing sector with good opportunities for career development.

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