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7 things to look for in a company when you’re deciding whether to accept a job offer

7 things to look for in a company when you’re deciding whether to accept a job offer

8 months ago

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​Finding out you’ve been successful at interview and have been offered the job is a fantastic feeling – but once that warm fuzzy feeling has worn off, doubt can quickly creep in. Is this really a good move? Perhaps it’s better the devil you know? Why rock the boat?

Here at Thornhvac we’re used to helping candidates decide if they’re making the right move. That evaluation process should always start as early as possible in the recruitment process, to avoid wasting everyone’s time. One of our key objectives when putting someone forward for a job is understanding whether they will be a good fit for the culture and ambition of the business they’re applying to. Will it be a great career move for them and will it be the kind of place they’ll enjoy adding value to?

So, if you’ve been offered the job, here are 7 questions to ask yourself to make sure this is a brilliant step for you.

Are they my kind of people? 

Think back to when you first met the interviewers and, if you had a tour of the organisation, how the people you met interacted with you and each other. Did it feel like the kind of place you could see yourself working? It isn’t always easy to suss out the culture in such a short space of time but you’ll have an idea from the things they said and the staff benefits and facilities whether it’s a good match for you. If you’re in any doubt, talk to your recruiter. We give our candidates useful insights into the way our clients like to work and what people enjoy about being part of the team. To read more about choosing the right employer read our article 5 unexpected ways HVAC companies are making themselves more appealing to candidates.

Is it a good offer?

This is where we, as your recruiter, can really add value. We’ll help you weigh up the package you’ve been offered and compare it to your current role and other opportunities in the market. If you’re keen to accept but you’d like to negotiate, we can help with that too. If part of the offer involves a bonus or commission structure, you might be interested in our blog Sales bonus packages explained

What about the location and terms?

If you need to spend some time on site or covering a sales patch, is the location realistic for you? Hopefully this will have been considered long before the job offer but sometimes situations change during the process and you may need to think again. Are you looking for remote working or flexibility? Does the offer give you what you need? Again, there may be room for negotiation so don’t write it off immediately if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Will you enjoy the work?

The interview process is as much about you checking to see if the job is the right skills match for you as it is the other way round. Maybe you’ve realised there will be more of one task involved than you’d have liked and you’d prefer to focus on a different area of your skillset. Or perhaps you’re excited about developing new skills in the job and can’t wait to get started.

Is it good for your career?

Where could this new job take you? Will it give you experience in an area you’re interested in? Will it elevate you into a new field? Is there good training and development within the company that could improve your CV for future roles? Consider whether there are good opportunities within the company too, which could take you in an exciting direction.

Could the grass be greener?

Almost everyone asks themselves this when they’ve been offered a new job. Should you stay where you are? This can be tempting, especially if your existing employer makes a counter offer (see our article Why counter offers may not be the best retention strategy). Is there a better offer waiting just around the corner? This second point is one your recruiter can help you answer. As a niche recruiter we know our market inside out, so we can tell a candidate exactly how competitive the offer is and how it sits in the field.

Can you add value?

Job satisfaction can make a huge difference to personal success and happiness in the role. If you feel you can bring a new dimension to the business or help the company develop in a certain direction, this might outweigh some of the other factors you’re considering.

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