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New Research Predicts Growth in Air Conditioning Sector

New Research Predicts Growth in Air Conditioning Sector

about 7 years ago Empty Rob Bryan

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The air conditioning sector is poised for strong growth as recovery in the construction industry takes hold. 

The latest research by HVAC recruitment specialist Thornhvac has found that there had been a marked increase in new commercial property projects since January and that this is having a knock on effect on air conditioning sales. 

“It’s as if someone has lit a blue touch paper and suddenly everything is moving again,” said Jason Thornhill, director of Thornhvac. 

“After such a long period when everything has been flat, commercial and residential engineering consultancies are now actively recruiting mechanical and electrical engineers to support a significant increase in design and build work. 

“New office blocks and high end residential apartment projects are finally emerging from the design phase and air conditioning sales engineers who have been liaising closely with contractors and consultants are reaping their rewards.” 

Thornhvac continually monitors trends in the air conditioning sector and is currently collating and analysing survey data to find out what factors are at the top of the agenda for companies when they are commissioning large scale systems for new build and refurbishment projects. 

“Price is still a big driver but in the hotel and retail sector in particular the decision will often be based on a thorough assessment of capital cost versus running cost,” explained Mr Thornhill. 

“Sales engineers are also dealing increasingly with large buying groups who purchase in bulk on a national or international scale to achieve cost efficiencies without compromising on quality.” 

Mr Thornhill said research to date had found that energy efficiency and ethical manufacturing are important factors for big companies when choosing HVAC suppliers. 

“Most large corporations have very ambitious carbon statements and are working hard to achieve the objectives set out in their 2020 carbon reduction plans,” he said. 

“Many are being advised by energy and carbon assessors which means that HVAC equipment, potential suppliers and pipeline projects are all coming under the spotlight to ensure they are operating as ethically and efficiently as possible.”