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Is a career in recruitment right for me?

Is a career in recruitment right for me?

about 6 years ago Empty James Thornhill

Career In Recruitment

As a highly successful agency dealing with recruitment in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors (HVAC), we know first-hand that great recruiters are talented individuals with lots of business acumen.

Recruitment can be a rewarding and fulfilling career but it isn’t for everyone. Here we explore some of the characteristics that make a good recruiter and how to know if it’s the right career for you.


Many of the skills required to be a successful recruiter are the same as those needed in sales. If you are comfortable selling and enjoy talking to people you have some of the essential characteristics for a career in recruitment. Our trainee recruitment consultants spend a lot of time on the phone talking to prospective candidates, making connections and building relationships. Establishing contacts and building a dialogue is a big part of the job.

Know your sector

To become an expert recruiter, you will need to know your market inside out. Be prepared to learn about the sector you will be recruiting into to gain the respect of your clients and candidates. You will need to get to know the best companies to work for, the products that sell well and the markets they serve. It all comes with time. If you are willing to spend time learning about your client companies and the industry they operate in you will have a strong chance of success in a recruitment role.

Enjoy a challenge

It’s a great feeling knowing you are making a positive impact on someone’s next career move but it’s not always smooth sailing. Sometimes candidates pull out of roles, clients put jobs on hold or a restructuring process takes place. You need to be willing to get back on the phone and pursue new leads if necessary and to spend time keeping clients and candidates up to date.

Master your art

We mentioned earlier that it all comes down to selling and if you establish a good reputation, more clients and candidates will turn to you for specialist advice and referrals.

Many people are drawn to recruitment because it will increase earning potential and lead to a rewarding career, but make sure it’s the right career choice for you before getting started.

We are currently looking for new trainee recruitment consultants to join our highly-skilled team. Find out more about this role here and submit your CV online or call us for an informal chat on 0115 871 4777.

Your choice of career is one of the most important decisions you can make so we have set up a 15-minute short video by our trainer Mike Walmsley ‘Would I be suited to recruitment?’ If you would like to view the video email for a link and details of how to log in.