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University degree or degree apprenticeship? Options for school leavers

University degree or degree apprenticeship? Options for school leavers

over 5 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


School leavers have been able to choose between a university degree and an apprenticeship for some time but the option of combining both in a degree apprenticeship is becoming more popular.

Degree apprenticeships have actually been around since 2015 but until recently there were very few programmes available. Now a lot more employers are offering A’Level leavers the opportunity to combine paid on-the-job training with university study.

Why do some people choose a degree apprenticeship?

A degree apprenticeship is a formalised path of study in association with a university or higher education institution, leading to a degree qualification. The difference is that there are no tuition fees and students spend part of their week in paid employment, earning a salary instead of building up a debt. They are also gaining valuable work experience which means that they finish the course with a degree and several years of practical knowledge and skills under their belt.

The Thornhvac Management Degree Apprenticeship

At Thornhvac we have teamed up with Anglia Ruskin University to offer school leaver a chance to study for a Management Degree Apprenticeship whilst working part-time as a trainee recruitment consultant, gaining practical skills and work experience.

At the end of the four year course our apprentices will graduate with a BA (Hons) in Management Practice from a leading UK university. The course is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.

Our apprentices will spend 20% of their week studying for their degree and the rest of the time working as part of our team in a busy and sociable office environment in East Leeds.

As well as achieving a degree, they will also have a well-developed CV.  Our aim is to create the managers of the future and our apprentices will gradually be given increasing levels of autonomy in their role. They will develop their communication skills, learn how to use the latest software and business tools in a real work context and project manage client vacancies and candidate applications.

When they have completed their studies and training we hope that our apprentices will choose to stay with us and develop their career with us but the skills and qualification they have earned will equip them for an exciting career in business, whatever direction they choose to take.

Interested in our Management Degree Apprenticeship? Apply now.