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Top 5 HVAC jobs for graduate engineers

Top 5 HVAC jobs for graduate engineers

over 5 years ago Empty Jason Thornhill


Graduate engineers are highly sought after in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industries and the scope for career development is huge. We’ve put together a quick guide to some of the top HVAC jobs for graduate engineers and a brief summary of the role and prospects.

HVAC mechanical engineer

An HVAC mechanical engineer is responsible for selecting the right products for a project, advising colleagues and clients on the technical reasoning behind each choice and how it should be applied. You’ll need to consider both technical and budget requirements and may also be called upon to provide technical support, specialist product information and training to clients.  Most HVAC manufacturers will look for an NVQ in a relevant HVAC field or a degree, HNC or HND in mechanical engineering, computer science or IT. Find out more.

Specification engineer

The role of the specification engineer is now key for many manufacturers in the HVAC sector and is well suited to graduates who enjoy building relationships. Specification sales engineers advise clients on factors such as lifetime operating costs, durability, sustainability and fulfilling building regulations, thereby moving the buying decision away from cost and towards long-term value. A specification engineer will be expected to develop strong client relationships and generate new leads. Ideal candidates will have an HND, HNC, BTEC or equivalent degree qualification in the mechanical engineering or building services field. Find out more.

Application engineer

An HVAC application engineer will typically be employed by a heating, air conditioning or ventilation manufacturer to provide customers with design information and technical solutions. The role will involve producing detailed quotes and using design and product selection software to assist customers. This role is ideally suited to graduate mechanical engineers with an aptitude for communicating the technical specifications of products and systems. Find out more.  

Design engineer

As an HVAC design engineer you will probably be employed by a consulting or design company to work on new or replacement heating, cooling and ventilation systems. Roles are also available working in house for some design and build contractors. Tasks might include finding solutions to improve the environmental credentials or energy efficiency of HVAC products through design and product innovation. An HNC or a degree in either Mechanical or Building Services Engineering is usually a requirement of employers. Find out more.

Cooling design and development engineer

Being involved in designing and developing new refrigeration, cooling and air conditioning technologies will suit graduate engineers with an interest in research and development. The role will involve measuring product efficiency and analysing data on heat transfer and thermodynamics. Ideal candidates will have a degree in mechanical engineering and a good understanding of the science of thermal fluids. Find out more.