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Career Opportunities for Niche Recruiters

Career Opportunities for Niche Recruiters

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Are you a recruiter in a niche sector who is looking for a new challenge? We’re expanding our team and would be interested to hear from specialist recruiters who would like to use their experience in a niche industry to build their own portfolio within our experienced team.

Thornhvac has been a recruiter in HVAC and engineering for 20 years and we have developed a very tailored way of working with clients and candidates to achieve the best possible results for both. We recently added niche IT recruitment to our services, which aligns well with engineering, and we would be interested to apply our successful recruiting model to other sectors.

So, if you are an experienced recruiter in your particular field, we’d like to hear from you.

How we work

At Thornhvac our team comprises of experts who know their market really well. We have developed a tried and trusted pre-vetting process and focus on putting quality candidates forward rather than passing on large quantities of CVs or applicants. Read more about our recruitment process in our article on engineering skills shortages and how to overcome them.

We are greatly inspired by Deming, the well know US engineer and management consultant whose 14 key principles for management are aimed at improving efficiency, product and service. Some of the underlying aims of these principles are to create jobs, remain competitive and avoid differentiating on price alone.

One way of putting those principles into practice has been to make sure our business is built on strong relationships. Over the years we have taken time to get to know both our clients and the many talented individuals we have worked with and supported in their careers. Rather than cold calling to round up possible candidates, we try to match personalities and skills with the role available and the culture of the employer’s business. 

Joining our team

Thornhvac has a very different feel to many recruitment companies and part of this is down to the fact that we are a family business. We also have a very positive approach to flexible working and have the systems in place to make this possible. Our recruiters work from home or the office, or a combination of the two. Read more about how this works and the benefits of flexible working recruitment agencies.

We have our own personal objectives to motivate us, which we set ourselves, and we work towards company targets together as a team. With monthly meetings to keep us connected and plenty of opportunity for personal development, Thornhvac is a business where people matter.

If you’ve been working in recruitment for a while and would be interested in continuing your career with us and perhaps setting up your own niche division, we’d like to hear from you. Call James Thornhill on 0115 871 4777  or read more about this opportunity here.