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Promising Green Shoots in HVAC Jobs Market

Promising Green Shoots in HVAC Jobs Market

over 3 years ago

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​The HVAC industry is showing promising signs of a gradual recovery with increased activity in the job market during June and clear signs that heating, ventilation and air conditioning manufacturers are investing in skills and talent once more.

After a slow start to the year due to lockdown and the uncertainty of Covid-19, which brought many projects to a standstill, we have had some positive conversations with employers in recent weeks.

As a result, we are now actively looking for candidates for a number of exciting roles with established companies that are planning for growth.

Confidence appears to be strong in the sector and is likely to have been boosted further by the announcement of Government plans to bring forward £5bn of capital investment projects including the building of new hospitals and educational establishments.

Ventilation and air conditioning in particular are seen as key areas of investment in new and existing buildings as part of the fight against the spread of disease, as highlighted in our article about how HVAC could help keep coronavirus at bay

Interestingly, the quality of jobs we have available at the moment is high. The clients who are contacting us understand the market well and are strategically planning so that they have the skills they need for the future.

During uncertain times, candidates are understandably cautious about moving job. However, this may in fact be a good time to be searching for new opportunities. The vacancies are fewer in number but the employers who are recruiting now tend to be proven firms with a robust business plan in place. They know exactly what they need in terms of talent and innovation and they are already preparing for the opportunities that lie ahead. 

The vacancies we are recruiting for include design, engineering and business development roles. If you are thinking about your next move, we’d love to have a chat and see how we can help. Call us on 0115 871 4777.

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