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How HVAC manufacturers can sell themselves better to attract good people

How HVAC manufacturers can sell themselves better to attract good people

about 2 years ago

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In a candidate driven market - like the one we are experiencing at the moment - job hunters (and those who might be encouraged to move, even if not actively looking) are doing a lot more due diligence on potential employers than they otherwise might.

As specialists in the HVAC recruitment market, we talk to engineers and salespeople in the sector on a daily basis and we have a keen sense of the things that will make them take the leap into a new role with a different company.

Here are our top tips for HVAC manufacturers to help them attract the people they need to fill their skills gaps. 

Having a great culture isn’t enough

You might be saying to yourself ‘we’ve got a fantastic culture and people love working for us’ but how do those who don’t work for you know what it’s like to be part of your business? How are you communicating your culture? Use your social media channels and website to share stories from your teams about their successes, recognition for great work and staff testimonials about why it’s a great place to work.

Flexibility is an expectation 

For many candidates, it is expected that any new job role will be offered with flexible terms, whether that’s home working or a hybrid model. Be prepared for this to be a deal breaker and consider carefully how far you’re prepared to flex to attract the best people. The more specific you can be about the options available to employees, the better. Candidates don’t just want to know you offer flexible working, they want to know how it operates, what measures are in place to make it work smoothly and what kind of equipment and technology they will be provided with to help them do their job well from wherever they might be.

Answer the candidate’s top question: Why should I work for you?

Before engaging with any potential employee, make sure you are really clear about the answer to this question. Why should someone with a fantastic skill set choose to work for you? If in doubt, ask your existing staff what makes it a great place to work – you’ll probably be surprised by the answers they give.

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