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​Building a case for Headcount Increase

​Building a case for Headcount Increase

about 1 year ago

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What do you do when you know your team would benefit from a few more people but there isn’t any budget set aside for recruitment? Increasing headcount is a business decision and success will depend on preparing a strong case to persuade your senior management team to invest in your department or project. Don’t worry though, we have a few ideas to help you win the argument.

Here are 7 things to include when you’re building a case for hiring

Identify the need

Clearly articulate why the headcount increase is necessary. This could be due to business growth, increasing workload, or new projects and initiatives. You may also find it useful to plan the types of roles and skills you need to achieve your objectives. You are making a case for strategic hiring and need it at the very heart of your argument.

Gather data

Collect data and statistics to support your argument, such as increased revenue, greater customer satisfaction or increased productivity. It is also worth having a conversation with a specialist recruiter like us at this stage. As niche recruiters with expertise in engineering and HVAC sales, we help our clients identify and attract the best talent, which is critical for growth. We know our market well and we can give a real insight into the latest market trends, salaries, and skills in demand. 

Assess the impact

What would happen if you didn’t recruit? Think about issues such as increased workload for existing staff, lack of specific expertise, decreased quality of work and missed deadlines or business opportunities.

Consider budget

Consider the budget implications of the headcount increase and present a comprehensive plan for funding the new positions, including options for cost savings or budget reallocation.

Present alternatives

Stay one step ahead by showing your bosses that you’ve already considered the alternatives. By considering other solutions to the challenges you face, you’ll be ready for any counter arguments that come your way. You’ll also avoid the stomach sinking scenario of being asked to go away and research other options. Look at things like outsourcing, automating tasks, or reassigning responsibilities and present the benefits and drawbacks of each as part of your case.

Make a business case

Your mission will succeed or fail depending on how watertight your business case is. Yes, there will be a cost but what will be the revenue generating potential? Present a clear and concise business case that highlights the benefits of the headcount increase, including the impact it will have on the company's bottom line. Once again, we can help you here with market intelligence and an insight into the available skills and experience in the market, plus the costs that might be involved in securing the right candidate.

Present a plan

Once you’ve done all that research and prepared your case, you should be confident enough to present it with passion and determination. Don’t forget to talk about how the new headcount will be utilised, including job descriptions, roles and responsibilities, and a timeline for the hiring process. This is where it really helps to have some insight from a recruiter so that you can demonstrate how you have already sounded out experts in your field for a sense of timescales, viability and costs.

One of the things that can hold companies back from recruiting is a reluctance to go through the whole rigmarole of recruiting. Hiring can be time-consuming, especially if you need to fill multiple positions. We save clients time by handling the initial screening process, sourcing candidates and coordinating interviews. As well as helping with hiring, we can offer support in managing the onboarding process for a smooth transition.

If you’d like to chat to us about your company growth plans and how we can help you fill your skills and experience gaps, call us on 0115 871 4777.

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