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So you think you want a new career in HVAC sales?

So you think you want a new career in HVAC sales?

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​The HVAC industry is thriving at the moment, creating new opportunities for those looking for an exciting career in sales.

Sector growth is largely due to innovations and investment in low carbon heating, heightened demand for energy efficiency, the growth of smart HVAC systems and a drive towards improved indoor air quality.

As a result, we are seeing strong interest in HVAC sales roles from engineers as well as those who have worked in sales roles in other sectors.

If you are an engineer who is looking for a new role in sales within commercial heating, air conditioning, ventilation, renewables or building services, you might be interested in reading one of our popular blogs from the archives Why engineers should consider a career in HVAC sales which has recently been fully updated for the current market.

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Whatever your career background, if you are thinking of a new career in HVAC sales there are 4 important things to consider:

HVAC sales is all about relationship building

Forget any preconceptions you may have about sales jobs. HVAC sales is all about problem solving and helping customers to find the right products for their needs. Although targets and bonuses are involved, each sale will involve detailed technical discussion and specification spanning many months. In most cases there will also be after sales care which may include service and maintenance contracts. The relationship between you and your customer will be based on knowledge and trust rather than ‘pushy’ sales and quick ‘wins’.

High earning potential and career development

Sales job renumeration includes incentives such as commission schemes and bonuses. These will vary from company to company (read more in our blog Sales bonus packages explained) as will the split between salary and bonus. We always encourage candidates to talk to us about their preferences so that we can find the right roles for them and help them to negotiate their ideal package. Commission offers potential for higher earnings overall and successful salespeople can quickly develop their careers with their employer and across the sector as a whole.

You’ll need a commercial outlook

The tendering process for HVAC projects can be long and complex. Sales roles in this field demand a solid understanding of customer budgets and the need to articulate return on investment. Sales professionals also need to demonstrate an awareness of market trends, keeping themselves informed of new technologies and developments. Part of this commercial acumen will involve a willingness to offer excellent service, both during the sales process and afterwards.

Salespeople need resilience

Sales can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Sometimes, a project you have been working on for months won’t come to fruition and this can be really frustrating. In sales, you will need to show you have the ability to bounce back from setbacks. Tenacity, determination and an eagerness to meet the challenge head on will be crucial if you are to succeed in HVAC sales.

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