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The 5 sales skills that will advance your career in heating and renewables

The 5 sales skills that will advance your career in heating and renewables

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​The companies we work with in the commercial heating and renewables sectors are preparing for significant growth over the next few years. Having the right salespeople on their team will be critical to their success in these expanding markets. Many of the skills we are going to cover here are relevant to any sector, but some are particularly relevant to employers who are developing products for these fast-moving industries.


We start with a skill that is particularly relevant for the heating and renewable energy markets. As these sectors evolve, there will be a real demand for salespeople with a growth mindset and agile approach. If you are someone who enjoys working in a dynamic environment, problem solving and adapting to change, your creative approach will be highly sought after.

Effective Communication

We are referring here to advanced communication skills. In an innovative industry sector, salespeople are unlikely to be working in isolation. They will be regularly engaging with product developers, design engineers, project managers and other industry professionals to understand the commercial landscape and the changing needs of customers. Heating and renewables are areas where tailored solutions are likely to be required and constant contact with customers throughout the sales and design process is essential.

Proven sales success

Manufacturers in these fast-paced arenas want to know that you will make an impact right from the start. You may be asked at interview to map out your first quarter and talk at length about how you will manage your time to achieve results. You will almost certainly be expected to introduce yourself quickly to existing customers and have a clear strategy for developing new business. Your track record in your current and other recent roles will be incredibly important for any sales role, particularly one in an industry that is experiencing rapid growth and change. Expect to talk about results and how your strengths led to these achievements, as well as how you will replicate success in your new role.

Market awareness

You may already know the market if you currently work in heating or renewables. If you don’t, you should be prepared to do some research on relevant companies before interviewing for a sales role in these sectors. An employer will be impressed if you can drop some business names into conversation to show that you understand their market. An ability to scope out potential new business and evaluate demand is invaluable in any sales role, particularly one where the products and solutions being sold are highly specialised.

Negotiation skills

This final skill applies to any sales role. You should expect to be able to explain how you manage the sales process through communication, problem solving and discussion. Any potential employer will want to see that you understand the need to work with a customer to find a solution that they will be happy with and to help them meet their criteria, both in terms of performance and budget.

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