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Internal and external recruitment: Which is best for your business?

Internal and external recruitment: Which is best for your business?

5 months ago Empty Jason Thornhill


​There are plenty of advantages to promoting from within, not least the fact that it creates career progression opportunities for the people in the business. Internal recruitment is also an essential part of succession planning, developing talent to step into people’s shoes when they retire or move on. Another pro of hiring internally is that candidates don’t have to spend time getting to know the business.

The key advantages of external recruitment are that new ideas, skills and perspectives can be introduced to the business, helping an organisation to remain fresh, dynamic and ahead of the competition. A tendency to rely on existing personnel can result in mediocrity, denying the company the opportunity to evolve in exciting news ways.

Hiring externally can be expensive, so how do you know if it’s going to be worth it?

External recruitment introduces people into the company who may have a different approach. This can help a business move forward and grow. The new recruits may have better ways of doing things that they have learnt from previous employment and this is something that can benefit existing teams.

Hiring externally is particularly beneficial if you need specific talent to grow your business. This is why niche recruiters like Thornhvac, which serves the HVAC sector and has an excellent network of highly skilled candidates, are highly sought after by companies that have a need for technical expertise and detailed knowledge of certain systems and processes.

Overall, external recruitment is an investment that the majority of companies see value in. It allows them to draw experience and skills from a wide pool and maintain a dynamic and motivated workforce. By using a specialist recruitment firm, they can use time and budget effectively to source people who will support their strategic goals.

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