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What are the most wanted skills in today’s job market?

What are the most wanted skills in today’s job market?

7 months ago

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​HVAC and engineering employers face unprecedented talent shortages but the skills they tell us they desire most might surprise you.

The qualities that employers believe are lacking at interview are some of the softer skills that could indicate that a candidate will stay in their post and integrate well with the existing team.


Every business is facing a fast-moving environment which is forcing them to rethink their offering and the way they work, almost continually. For this reason, candidates who are flexible in their approach and are willing to adapt their skills and training to new situations are particularly desirable.

Relationship building

The work from home culture that has emerged since the pandemic and a move to hybrid workplaces has created new challenges for firms. Creating a culture of collaboration and team working depends on employees being able to foster relationships both in person and online.


Prioritising workload and being able to move easily between tasks is something employers are keen to see evidence of during interview. Candidates who can talk about how they have managed dynamic situations at work and with live projects will stand out in the selection process.

AI and coding

There was a time when coding and AI know-how were only relevant for technology jobs. Now, an understanding of software development and how it applies to HVAC, engineering, building services and other associated industries is relevant to almost every job. Employers could well ask candidates if they are up to date with their knowledge of AI and coding if they are applying for a role in sales, project management and automating processes in manufacturing or engineering.

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