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How it all started

Thornhvac was founded in 2000 by James and Helen Thornhill who had built a successful career in HR consultancy, running management performance programmes for senior managers and teams in the engineering sector.

Their clients included Agfa, ICI, PowerGen , Scottish Hydro Electric and British Gas and their work won them a CIPD Management Research prize.

James and Helen’s experience in the engineering industry led them to launch Thornhvac, a niche recruitment business specialising in heating, ventilation and air conditioning resourcing. 

Twenty years later there is a new generation running the business in the form of Director Jason Thornhill who looks after Heating manufacturers and is looking to expand into adjoining sectors in engineering.

James and Helen said: “One of the thought leaders we have admired is W. Edwards Deming, one of the fathers of quality in manufacturing. The first of his 14 points for management is to improve product and service with the aim to become competitive and to stay in business and to provide jobs. That’s a good principle to live by for the next 20 years.”