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CV Tips

HVAC Recruitment - CV Tips

How do you create a perfect CV?

A CV should be between 2 and 3 pages long. 

Find out what kind of experience and skills that are needed for a specific job, e.g. Air Conditioning Sales Job, and tailor your CV accordingly. A blanket ‘one size fits all’ CV will not work.

We're interested in how well you performed in the job. For example, for a sales person, this would mean outlining your sales ranking over an extended period of time and, where possible, providing a reference to back up your comments. Please include your performance on job measures for other roles such as marketing and technical jobs in HVAC.

We’ve had lots of experience of creating CV’s to promote candidates effectively. That's why we produced an HVAC CV template to help you.

Click here to see the Thornhvac CV template.