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Interview Tips

HVAC Interview Tips

Along with a full job brief we provide the following information before interviews: Who will be conducting the interview; the kinds of questions they are likely to ask; and their expectations of candidates.

Be clear on the reasons for seeking the job and be positive about both the company and the role you are applying to. Show how this career move fits into your long term career plan. 

When preparing for the interview, imagine you are the interviewer, and make a list of the skills, experience and knowledge you think the interviewer would want. Then practice answering these questions on your list.  For example:

  • If applying for an air conditioning sales job, they might ask you who you know in the local M&E consultancies. 

  • If applying for a marketing job in the heating sector, they might ask how you create a marketing plan.

  • If applying for a technical job in the ventilation sector, they could inquire about your knowledge on the smoke control regulations commercial buildings.

Sometimes during interviews, particularly second interviews you may be asked to do a presentation.  Employers will normally give you the option of using PowerPoint or acetates.  But in reality if you can’t use PowerPoint it doesn’t reflect well on your IT skills.

Microsoft have a good online tutorial on how to make a simple but effective PowerPoint presentation that can be found here, and you can become competent in creating presentations from your own home! 

You can also see some of our latest tips for interviews and presentations on our blog.