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Contingency and Search

Contingency HVAC Recruitment


Our fee is contingent on you accepting a candidate from us.

If you don’t take on a candidate you pay nothing.

Currently our fill rate is about 35%. Also, because we select people with an aptitude for your role, they are likely to perform better and stay with you longer.

Recruitment process:

  • We take a detailed brief of the job from you.

  • We search our comprehensive database of candidates and advertise the job.

  • We ask for referrals to candidates from our own comprehensive contacts within the industry.

  • Suitable candidates are then pre-qualified by a CV filter, telephone interview and references.

  • Endorsed candidates' CVs are then sent to you with our core summary of the candidates' skills and experience  

Search HVAC Recruitment


In search consultancy our hit rate is approaching 100%. This is because we spend a lot more time head hunting and engaging passive candidates which is where the better candidates are.

You don’t need to brief lots of agencies or be badgered by them. You can concentrate on your core activities.

We will keep at it until we have at least three good candidates that meet your criteria.

Search recruitment costs you no more than contingency recruitment.

Recruitment process

  • You agree to a sole supplier arrangement for the project or a period of time.

  • We take a detailed brief and start head hunting.

  • We don’t just rely on advertising, CV searching and social media to find candidates. We have 30 additional ways to find star candidates.

  • We interview the candidates against your agreed essential and desirable criteria and take up workplace performance references.

  • We present at least three good candidates that meet your criteria